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Remembering Mom and Dad by Harold

I do have some wonderful memories and many blessings from that wonderful home near Chilton. We had outdoor plumbing for a bathroom and boy the old outhouse was cold in winter! You learned to do your duty and get out of there. It was not the place to read my first grade primers.

There were no McDonalds, no computer games but had the most wonderful childhood.

We had no McDonalds like I said, but I had a "mom" who baked loaves of fresh bread at least twice a week. It was Oh-ooo so good. There were kettles of soups (potato was my favorite), roasts, rice and oh so many good things Mom made. I can't ever remember Mom or Dad taking the family out to a restaurant. As the family grew and uncles and aunts were added to the family, Mom was always cooking for 10 or more. We learned to eat and enjoy all the foods, although I think some of my sisters might have been a littls picky. (smile)

I want to thank my Uncle Hermie for starting us off on the right track about working early in life. I can still hear the words WASHER-WIPER-SWEEPER yelled out as soon as we had returned thanks. Life can't be any better when a family works together. Can you imagine setting pins from 7pm to 11pm at Bethlehem bowling alleys and then putting the $2.10 on the kitchen table for Mom and Dad. Have you ever heard of brothers and sisters picking green beans all day and putting the $10.00 to $20.00 on the table for Mom and Dad? I can't thank God enough for the valuable lessons my Mom and Dad taught us about being a family and sharing.

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An ageless collection of family favorites from 4 generations of Gordon and Viola Zastrow.

This family cookbook began May, 1980 with 25 recipes. Frequent subsequent additions over the years produced the cookbook you are now viewing.

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German Potato Salad-Grandma

Caramel Ring-Jamie

Cheesy Hashbrown Potatoes-Kathy

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